Uncharted Horizons

The Story So Far...
A summary of events since the Heroes met in Avalon.

In the month of Nonus in the year 1670 Don Juan Aldana de Torres receives an invitation to a diplomatic meeting being held in Avalon; Dame Reinette Varonne is also invited as a guest of Comte Jean Luc Pierre. Sir Matthew Walsingham meets them at the harbour with his squire Leo.

When the Montaigne embassy is destroyed, throwing their carriage to its side, the Heroes become embroiled in the investigation and uncover a plot to destabilise Avalon’s government; they manage to stop it at the last minute and are praised as heroes.

A few days later whilst invited on a hunt outside Carleon, the Heroes (along with another Castillian by the name of Don Ramiro Pancayk de Soldano) end up being pursued and captured by the Sidhe. They awaken in the court of the Seelie Queen.

The heroes are told of an ancient artefact by the Sidhe, an artefact that was taken from the Island of the Sunken Eye and could bring about the end of all things. Upon their return to Carleon they are given further clues by Derwyddon and set out to track down the Eisen Wolfgang von Holtz.

On route to Arisent a pirate vessel and a Vesten longship are encountered and the pirates are swiftly dealt with. Upon landing on Montaigne soil they discover that Wolfgang is a member of the Explorers’ Society and gain clues to his destination as well as managing to pick up his trail by breaking into the dock offices and scruitising passenger manifests.

Reaching occupied Barcino the heroes witness the bad attitude of the Montaigne soldiers first hand. They show their disdain for the occupiers by doing their best to prevent a Castillian citizen being beaten and are quickly recruited by Los Vagos sympathisers to help rescue their leader from the gallows, after which they are secreted out of town and down river to Altamira.

It is here, at the Centre of the World where our heroes first come face to face with Wolfgang von Holtz – now identifying himself as Wolfgang von Drachen. Alas it seems they are too late and he has acquired some new form of sorcery which he promptly demonstrates by desolving a supporting column and collapsing the building on top of them.


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